Amazon Echo(Alexa)
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A project to make Amazon Echo respond to sign language using your webcam 2017/06/06

Phodal's Smart Home Setup Guide:HomeBridge + Home Assistant + Amazon Echo 2017/02/16

Simple starter kit for adding new skills to Amazon Alexa Echo 2016/12/09

ESP8266 Compatible IR Blaster that accepts HTTP commands for use with services like Amazon Echo 2016/05/20

A Framework for creating Amazon Echo (Alexa) skills using Node.js 2016/03/16

Run and debug Alexa skills on the command-line. Create bots. Run them in Slack. Run them anywhere! 2015/12/26

Emulated Belkin WeMo devices that work with the Amazon Echo 2015/08/21

For controlling local devices with the Amazon Echo 2015/07/28

Home automation bridge that emulates a Philips Hue light system and can control other systems such as a Vera, Harmony Hub, Nest, MiLight bulbs or any other system that has an http/https/tcp/udp interface. This is a compact impl to run on small format comp 2015/07/21

SDK and example code for building voice-enabled skills for the Amazon Echo. 2015/07/19

Amazon Echo integration with Sonos 2015/07/18

Emulated Belkin WeMo devices that work with the Amazon Echo 2015/07/07

A collection of Amazon Echo / Alexa tools for Go development. 2015/06/29

Alexa (Amazon Echo) app for interacting with a Plex Server and controlling client playback 2015/05/12

A framework for Alexa (Amazon Echo) apps using Node.js 2015/04/30

A minimalist SDK for developing skills for the Amazon Echo's ASK - Alexa Skills Kit using Amazon Web Services's Python Lambda Functions. Currently supported profiles are for Linux servers and AWS Lambda. Check the appropriate release branch. The cherrypy 2015/04/16

Amazon Echo Alexa's App Kit Ruby Implementation 2015/04/15

emulates philips hue api to other home automation gateways 2014/12/29

First attempt at an API for Amazon Echo. 2014/12/28

Using Amazon Echo to control the home! to learn to DIY

動画 2018/12/30

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Amazon Echo Devices UK: US: CA: **NEW FOR 2019** 10 MORE Things you can do ... 2018/10/26

Amazon Alexa Echo Unboxing ( Fun Questions With Alexa ) Best Buy Link . My Instagram Link . MY ... 2018/10/10

With a new fabric-bodied design and noticeably better sound, Amazon's latest Echo Dot is its best yet -- but can it blunt Google's momentum? Read the CNET ... 2018/09/21

Funny Amazon Alexa Commercial 2018 ☆ All Alexa Loses Her Voice in One ⇨ Please do subscribe: In this video, ... 2018/07/02

Smart Wifi Plug | Amazon Echo Google Home | Tech Unboxing Smart Socket :- My Camera :- ... 2018/03/10

Amazon Echo Dot / Echo / Echo Plus are the smart speakers from Amazon that uses Alexa voice assistant and I show you what are the common things that you ... 2017/11/29

Amazon: Best Buy: Target: Amazon Gear List: My Video ... 2017/11/11

This video is about Amazon Echo & Alexa 10 Everyday Uses. Tips, Tricks, Tutorial and How to. Amazon Alexa is the leader in virtual assistants with smart home ... 2017/09/26

I have found the 5 best smart home tech that will make your daily home life much easier. They all work with the Amazon Echo, Google Home and Siri. Watch to ...

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