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Disable opposite day, print and save this document now. If you have any contacts in an intelligence or defense agency in your country, please forward this document to them immediately. This is a dialogue-based defense against an existing Advanced Persist 2018/12/12

Actionable analytics designed to combat threats based on MITRE's ATT&CK. 2018/08/16

Vue CLI plugin for adding a very basic UI library of components based on Atomic Design methodology 2018/08/09

Vue CLI plugin for Atomic Design & Storybook 2018/05/24

Sketch plugin for create Atomic Design concept in Sketch and export scss-map for front-end. 2017/12/20 2017/11/05

🔬 Boilerplate with the methodology Atomic Design using a few cool things. 2017/01/31

Arquitetura para programadores vagabundos que amam modularizar 2016/10/09

React starter kit based on Atomic Design 2016/08/26

Basic Structure for React app following Atomic Design 2016/03/24

:microscope: Modelo Padrão para o Atomic Design com Node.js 2015/11/25

Atomic design and Pattern Lab friendly, component-based, fairly unopinionated starting point for new Drupal 8 themes 2015/10/17

:microscope: A simple and fast Atomic Design boilerplate. 2015/09/26

Applying design systems to React components. 2015/07/12

:fuelpump: The base coat of SIROK. Our internal CSS toolkit and guidelines based on Atomic Design 2015/05/21

Yeoman Generator for Atomic-Design with Jade, Less/Sass and BabelJS. Integrated Galen for easy Layout-Tests 2014/12/18

The repository for the Atomic Design book 2014/12/04

Passo-a-passo do desenvolvimento de um site usando Gulp, Jade, Stylus e Atomic Design. 2014/10/20

A CSS framework for utilizing the Atomic design pattern 2013/05/07

Make a pattern library using atomic design.

動画 2019/05/26

Link Assets bisa di akses di : Mempelajari React Native dengan sekaligus ... 2019/03/16

Note: Rock Island has not yet posted the catalog for this auction - I will replace this note with a link when they do. ... 2019/01/08

What is Atomic Design? What are design systems? How can you speed up your web design process? Ever set out on a website or interface design project and ... 2019/01/06 Modular design encourages us to think and design user interfaces and user experiences in patterns. For example, instead of ... 2018/11/08

We've seen the web community create style tiles, element collages, style guides, pattern libraries, and a slew of other tools in order to break interfaces down to ... 2018/08/20

Presented by Cristiano Rastelli of Badoo. Cristiano is a regular speaker and contributor to the tech community, and he'll be talking us through Badoo's journey ... 2018/08/16

This talk introduces the basic concepts of atomic design and will help you understand and know more about who invented it, what atomic design is, where and ... 2018/07/11 2018/07/06

Style Guides, Pattern Libraries, and Design systems are all anyone is talking about lately, and for good reason. They all share a similar goal of creating a more ... 2017/06/19

Atomize is the most advanced UI Design System for Sketch that helps designers create well structured and scalable interfaces for the web. The system is based ... 2017/04/14

Gems: User Flows Sketch Plugin: Hooked (book): ...

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