記事 2010/06/17
リポジトリ 2019/09/22

Modern full stack CMS. Built with Gatsby, GraphQL, AWS Amplify, and Serverless technologies. 2019/04/18

AWS Amplify Community 2019/02/23

AWS AppSync Real-Time Reference Architecture 2019/02/08

Implements a basic authentication flow for signing up/signing in users as well as protected client side routing using AWS Amplify. 2019/01/24

Real-Time Offline Ready Chat App written with GraphQL, AWS AppSync, & AWS Amplify 2019/01/05

Mobile user authentication flow with React Native, Expo, and AWS Amplify: Sign In, Sign Up, Confirm Sign Up, Forget Password, Reset Password. 2018/12/02

Building Serverless React Applications with AWS Amplify 2018/11/22

AWS Workshop tutorial for building a photo gallery web app using AWS Amplify and AWS AppSync. 2018/11/21

Starter projects for developers looking to build web & mobile applications that have Authentication & protected routing 2018/11/13

This is repository contains a self-paced workshop that uses AWS AppSync, AWS Amplify and AWS Elemental Media Services to implement a live streaming trivia system. 2018/09/21

Plugin for the Serverless Framework to output AWS Amplify configuration files. 2018/08/24

Starter Project with Authentication with Gatsby & AWS Amplify 2018/07/01

Unicorn Loyalty: E-Commerce Serverless GraphQL Loyalty Sample App 2018/06/18

Curated list of AWS Amplify Resources 2018/02/19

Sample using AWS Amplify and AWS AppSync together for user login and authorization when making GraphQL queries and mutations. Also includes complex objects for uploading and downloading data to and from S3 with a React app. 2018/02/02

A Vue.js starter app integrated with AWS Amplify 2017/11/15

Step by step tutorial to build a personal journal web app with aws-amplify 2017/10/02

A declarative JavaScript library for application development using cloud services. 2014/12/16

This repository has samples that demonstrate various aspects of the AWS SDK for iOS, you can get the SDK source on Github 2013/08/08

This repository has samples that demonstrate various aspects of the AWS SDK for Android, you can get the SDK source on Github

動画 2019/09/03

AWS Amplify has made it easier to quickly deploy any build folder to the web in minutes. AWS Amplify includes AWS Cloudfront, support for multiple ... 2019/08/13

Now that we have built a fair amount of functionality, it's time to put together a deployment environment. AWS Amplify Console will automatically take any merged ... 2019/06/19

Whether you are an experienced developer or just getting started, AWS offers a range of services and tools like Amazon API Gateway, AWS AppSync and AWS ... 2019/05/29

How does Firebase compare to ⚡Amplify? Review Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services in terms of pricing, features, and the developer ... 2019/05/09

Questions? Comments? Discuss this on Twitter: Follow along as Nader Dabit ( teaches us how to create a ... 2019/04/24

Learn more about AWS Amplify Console at – The Amplify Console provides hosting for fullstack serverless web apps. This video ... 2019/03/27

Learn more about AWS at - Every project which involves a mobile or a web application frontend, shares similar challenges. Where do ... 2018/10/31

Github Repo - Welcome to my channel on AWS Cloud Computing. I create videos on serverless architectures, ... 2018/09/11

Welcome to my channel on AWS Cloud Computing. I create videos on serverless architectures, containerization technologies, cloud-native databases, machine ... 2018/06/27

Let's build the frontend of our appSync backend using React and AWS Amplify SDK README / OPEN ME SUBSCRIBE TO THIS CHANNEL: ...


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