Aurora(Aurora Global Database)
記事 2019/10/21
リポジトリ 2019/10/09

An AWS Aurora Serverless Data API dialect for SQLAlchemy 2019/10/09

A Python DB-API 2.0 client for the AWS Aurora Serverless Data API 2019/06/03

A user-friendly client for AWS Aurora Serverless's Data API 2019/05/31

Data API for local, you can write unittest for AWS Aurora Serverless's Data API 2019/05/07

AWS Quick Start Team 2019/04/16

Workshop and lab content for Amazon Aurora MySQL compatible databases. This code will contain a series of templates, instructional guides and sample code to educate users on how to use Amazon Aurora features. The AWS CloudFormation templates will create t 2019/03/26

Fully serverless CMS using AWS Appsync, Aurora Serverless, Serverless Framework and React 2019/03/22

Using Amazon Aurora Serverless (MySQL) and the Data API to build a Serverless Application on AWS 2019/02/21

Comparison of AWS Aurora MySQL & PostgreSQL 2018/11/13

Quick start reference deployment of an Amazon Aurora DB Cluster with AWS recommended best practices for security and high availability using AWS CloudFormation 2018/10/29

In this workshop, you will learn techniques to secure a serverless application built with AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway and RDS Aurora. We will cover AWS services and features you can leverage to improve the security of a serverless applications in 5 dom 2018/08/09

An AWS AppSync Serverless resolver for the Amazon Aurora relational database. 2018/06/26

A serverless notification mechanism to manage Amazon RDS manual snapshots for both RDS Instances and Aurora Clusters. The solution manages creatiton of manual snapshot, deletion of old snapshots, and finally send a notification email. Email subscribers ar 2018/05/19

Grafana buildout on AWS Fargate and Aurora 2017/09/27

Terraform module for creating and managing Amazon Aurora clusters 2017/09/26

Terraform module which creates RDS Aurora resources on AWS 2017/06/22

Terraform module to provision an RDS Aurora cluster for MySQL or Postgres 2016/12/28

CloudFormation templates to accelerate getting started on AWS. 2016/04/25

AWS Quick Start Team

動画 2019/05/09

Learn how modern application developers can use the new Amazon Aurora Serverless Data API to create and connect to an Aurora Serverless Database. In this ... 2018/02/17

Quick & Clear comparison between AWS databases: - RDS, DynamoDB, & Redshift - Summary of differences ----------------------------------------------------------- I ... 2017/07/11

Find more details in the AWS Knowledge Center: Peter, an AWS ... 2017/04/17

Watch a step-by-step guide on creating your first database cluster on Amazon Aurora, a relational database offering up to 5 times performance for one-tenth the ... 2016/12/16

Amazon Athena is a new serverless query service that makes it easy to analyze data in Amazon S3, using standard SQL. With Athena, there is no infrastructure ... 2016/04/28

In 2014, TellApart (now part of Twitter) adopted Apache Mesos and Apache Aurora as the solution to run their infrastructure in AWS. Engineering Manager David ... 2015/12/10 GoGuardian co-founder and CTO Advait Shinde discusses how we use Amazon Aurora to improve ... 2015/10/23

AWS Aurora allows you to keep your old legacy MySQL database based apps running and relevant for the foreseeable future. 2015/09/17

This animated video of Amazon RDS for Aurora gives an overview of this MySQL-compatible relational database management system (RDBMS). Learn more: ... 2015/04/06

Nathan Slater from Amazon Web Services presents about Aurora - the new MySQL-compatible relational database management system from Amazon. The talk ...



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