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Deploy your fullstack websites without all the hassle on AWS with CloudFront, S3, ACM, Route53, API Gateway and Lambda via Serverless. 2019/04/05

Deploy static websites in seconds - with HTTPS, a global CDN, and custom domains. 2018/01/09

Scans a list of websites for Cloudfront or S3 Buckets 2018/01/05

A tool for identifying misconfigured CloudFront domains 2017/12/29

Builds a serverless infrastructure in AWS for hosting a static website protected with Basic Authentication and published on a subdomain registered via Route 53 2017/12/29

An AWS CloudFront Lambda@Edge function to authenticate requests using Google Apps, Microsoft, Auth0, OKTA, and GitHub login 2017/09/14

Terraform module to easily provision CloudFront CDN backed by an S3 origin 2017/08/09

Deploy static websites and single page apps to AWS S3 and CloudFront with a single command 2017/06/02

[NO LONGER MAINTAINED] A tool that migrates an existing Wordpress site into a fully functioning Serverless site, powered by AWS (Cloudfront, API Gateway, Lambda, S3). 2016/10/21

Deploy create react app's in AWS S3 2016/08/04

This is a how-to including scripts about how to auto-scale WordPress across multiple EC2 instances on AWS with using RDS and CloudFront. 2016/07/14

A serverless web framework for Node.js on AWS (CloudFormation, CloudFront, API Gateway, Lambda) 2016/01/12

Free Lets-Encrypt certificate management for CloudFront/AWS 2015/10/20

Samples for use of AWS CloudFront, including Lambda functions, and SDK usage examples. 2015/10/03

🎉 A tool to help creating and deploying static sites with AWS 2015/02/02

This plugin provides native AWS instrumentation for monitoring and metrics collection, including: health and metrics for various AWS services, such as EC2, RDS, ELB, and more, as well as handlers for EC2, SES, and SNS. 2014/12/02

A collection of bash shell scripts for automating various tasks with Amazon Web Services using the AWS CLI and jq. 2014/02/09

Utility module for AWS CloudFront 2011/11/16

:boy: Lad scaffolds a Koa webapp and API framework for Node.js 2010/11/17

Ruby gem for signing AWS Cloudfront URLs for serving private content

動画 2018/12/28

Find more details in the AWS Knowledge Center: Meghna, an AWS Cloud Support Engineer, shows you how to use Amazon ... 2018/07/30

AWS Architect Certification Training: This Edureka "AWS CloudFront” video will introduce you to the fundamentals of ... 2018/07/20

Learn more about Amazon CloudFront at - Watch this AWS TechTips demo and learn how to set up a CloudFront distribution with your ... 2018/04/21

Welcome to my channel on AWS Cloud Computing. I create videos on serverless architectures, containerization technologies, cloud-native databases, machine ... 2018/02/11

If you benefited from these tutorial and would like to support my work, please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Here are the links to other series in this channel. 2018/02/01

AWS - CloudFront – CDN - Edge Locations Буду рад паре баксов, можно даже Канадских :) 2017/01/26

Learn how to create a new CloudFront Distribution from scratch, detailed DEMO - Use CloudFront with S3 - Lower Latency with CloudFront usage - CloudFront ... 2017/01/26

This tutorial explains you with a DEMO: - How to Serve Dynamic & Static Website content via CloudFront - The setup has ELB, Web servers in private subnet and ... 2016/12/01

End users expect to be able to view static, dynamic, and streaming content anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Amazon CloudFront is a web service that ... 2015/04/01

Amazon CloudFront offers a simple, cost-effective way to improve the performance, reliability and global reach of your entire website for both static content and ...

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