EC2(Elastic Compute Cloud)
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Build your own privacy and security focused Android OS in the cloud on a continuous basis with OTA updates. 2018/02/12

:cloud: Cloud Environment Inspector 👮:lock: :moneybag: 2016/12/06

🚀 Geodesic is a cloud automation shell. It's the fastest way to get up and running with a rock solid, production grade cloud platform built on top of strictly Open Source tools. ★ this repo! 2016/11/04

Official repository of the AWS EC2 FPGA Hardware and Software Development Kit 2016/07/19

Tool that easily and reliably converts (all) your existing AutoScaling groups to cheaper spot instances 2016/07/09

:cloud: 20+ Grafana dashboards for AWS CloudWatch metrics: EC2, Lambda, S3, ELB, EMR, EBS, SNS, SES, SQS, RDS, EFS, ElastiCache, Billing, API Gateway, VPN, Step Functions, Route 53, CodeBuild, ... 2016/06/18

ECS Reference Architecture for creating a flexible and scalable deployment pipeline to Amazon ECS using AWS CodePipeline 2016/04/10

Manage AWS EC2 SSH access with IAM 2015/10/12

A curated list of awesome Amazon Web Services (AWS) libraries, open source repos, guides, blogs, and other resources. Featuring the Fiery Meter of AWSome. 2015/07/17

AWS operations by cli should be simpler 2015/01/30

A PaaS built on top of Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) 2014/08/18

DNS server that lets you look up ec2 instances by instance name 2013/02/18

A library that allows you to easily mock out tests based on AWS infrastructure. 2013/02/06

Use Vagrant to manage your EC2 and VPC instances. 2012/06/17

tools for managing AWS resources including EC2, EBS, RDS, IAM, CloudFormation and Route53. 2012/03/30

A featherweight PaaS on top of Amazon EC2 for deploying node apps 2012/01/19

Automates running Apache JMeter on Amazon EC2 2011/11/07

Amazon EC2 instance comparison site 2010/10/14

AWS APIs library for Erlang (Amazon EC2, S3, SQS, DDB, ELB and etc) 2008/02/01

WARNING : You probably don't want this code. Its archived and ancient and probably doesn't work. Try the official AWS Ruby SDK instead.

動画 2018/05/28

This AWS EC2 tutorial will help you understand what is EC2, what are the steps to create an EC2 instance, what is SNS, how to use SNS to notify users and you ... 2017/06/22

AWS EC2 is one of the most important services AWS offers. Getting started with it can be simple and hard at the same time. With this video, we'll focus on the ... 2017/06/08

Let's dive right into the basics of AWS so that you get a quick overview over what AWS actually is and what you can do with it. Limited Offer! Join the Full AWS ... 2017/01/27

A quick, practical Amazon AWS tutorial that will help you set up your first Amazon EC2 instance (virtual machine) and connect to it via SSH. This series will show ... 2016/12/21

See this course and others at Linux Academy: What is EC2? How does it ... 2016/12/20

New to AWS and want to know more about EC2? In this Linux Academy course segment video, we set out to explain the concept of EC2 in the most simplistic ... 2016/11/21

AWS Architect Certification Training - ) Amazon AWS Tutorial Blog Series: Amazon AWS Video ... 2015/08/28

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud. Learn more: 2015/07/22

Amazon EC2 forms the backbone compute platform for hundreds of thousands of AWS customers, but how do you go beyond starting an instance and manually ... 2012/08/23

This demo shows how to create and attach a new EBS volume onto an EC2 instance in Amazon Web Services environment.



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