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CLI to measure an AWS EC2/Redshift account's usage and optimize it 2019/07/01

A Visual Studio Code Extension to support working in a Redshift (AWS) SQL Environment 2019/04/16

Udacity Data Engineering Nano Degree (DEND) 2019/02/26

Pandas on AWS 2018/07/24

locopy: Loading/Unloading to Redshift and Snowflake using Python. 2018/03/21

Provider for AWS Redshift entities, eg Users, Groups, Permissions, Schemas, Databases 2018/01/27

Sample code for AWS data service and ML courses on LinkedIn Learning 2017/11/16

CloudFormation templates and scripts to setup the AWS services for the workshop, Athena & Redshift Spectrum queries 2017/01/25

A luigi powered analytics / warehouse stack 2016/10/26

AWS Lambda function that runs the copy command into Redshift 2015/10/12

A curated list of awesome Amazon Web Services (AWS) libraries, open source repos, guides, blogs, and other resources. Featuring the Fiery Meter of AWSome. 2015/09/28

Arbalest is a Python data pipeline orchestration library for Amazon S3 and Amazon Redshift. It automates data import into Redshift and makes data queryable at scale in AWS. 2015/08/27

Using AWS Redshift and Ruby to setup your data warehouse 2015/04/21

Rin is a Redshift data Importer by SQS messaging. 2015/04/07

python script, 'show create table' equivalent for aws redshift 2015/03/27

AWS instance pricing retrieval for EC2, RDS, ElastiCache, Redshift and DynamoDB. On-Demand and Reserved pricing schemes covered both for previous and current generation instance types. 2015/03/17

A toolkit for importing AWS detailed billing reports into Redshift 2015/03/05

Amazon Redshift Database Loader implemented in AWS Lambda 2013/03/23

aws redshift adapter for rails 3 -- ripped from postgresql adapter -- barely tested 2012/12/30

25+ DevOps CLI Tools - Kubernetes & code templates, Log Anonymizer, Hadoop HDFS & Hive tools, Solr/SolrCloud CLI, SQL ReCaser (MySQL, PostgreSQL, AWS Redshift, Snowflake, Apache Drill, Hive, Impala, Cassandra CQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Couchbase N

動画 2018/11/06

AWS Training: ** This “AWS Data Pipeline Tutorial” video by Edureka will help you understand how to process, ... 2018/10/02

AWS Certification Training: This “Amazon Redshift Tutorial” video by Edureka will help you understand what Amazon ... 2018/02/17

Quick & Clear comparison between AWS databases: - RDS, DynamoDB, & Redshift - Summary of differences ----------------------------------------------------------- I ... 2017/11/22

Redshift JDBC driver: SQL Workbench: ... 2017/08/14

Learn more about AWS Glue at - AWS Glue is a fully managed ETL (extract, transform, and load) service that makes it simple and ... 2017/07/18

Amazon Redshift is a fast, fully managed data warehouse that makes it simple and cost-effective to analyze all your data using standard SQL and your existing ... 2017/06/16

Get a look under the covers: Learn tuning best practices for taking advantage of Amazon Redshift's columnar technology and parallel processing capabilities to ... 2017/02/27

Analyzing big data quickly and efficiently requires a data warehouse optimized to handle and scale for large datasets. Amazon Redshift is a fast, petabyte-scale ... 2015/10/28

Amazon Redshift is a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service that makes it simple and cost-effective to efficiently analyze all your data using ... 2013/02/15

Amazon RedShift is a powerful, fast and fully-managed data warehouse service that works with your existing analytics tools. Learn more:

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