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🛣 Dynamic DNS for Amazon Route 53 on a time-based schedule 2018/06/27

A Terraform module to create an Amazon Certificate Manager (ACM) certificate with Route 53 DNS validation. 2017/12/29

Builds a serverless infrastructure in AWS for hosting a static website protected with Basic Authentication and published on a subdomain registered via Route 53 2017/08/19

AWS PowerShell scripts for VPC, ELB, and Route 53 (Networking deep dive courses) 2017/06/22

Terraform module to define a consistent AWS Route53 hostname 2017/06/22

Terraform module to easily define consistent cluster domains on Route53 (e.g. ``) 2017/06/22

Terraform Module to Define Vanity Host/Domain (e.g. ``) as an ALIAS record 2017/03/05

Helping create Let's Encrypt certificates for AWS Route53 2017/01/28

Run your own dynamic DNS service with Amazon Route 53 2016/12/21

Dehydrated hook script that employs cli53 to enable dns-01 challenges with AWS Route 53 2016/12/18

An Ansible role that automates the generation of Let's Encrypt signed certificates with DNS challenges on Amazon's Route 53 (AWS) 2016/08/31

AWS Lambda function to mirror DNS zone from on-premises DNS server to Route 53 private hosted zone. 2016/07/09

:cloud: 20+ Grafana dashboards for AWS CloudWatch metrics: EC2, Lambda, S3, ELB, EMR, EBS, SNS, SES, SQS, RDS, EFS, ElastiCache, Billing, API Gateway, VPN, Step Functions, Route 53, CodeBuild, ... 2016/06/11

Implementation of dyndns2 dynamic DNS protocol for AWS Lambda, API Gateway, and Route 53 2016/03/04

Dynamically create Route 53 resource records using CloudWatch Events and Lambda 2016/02/28

Dynamic DNS using AWS Route 53 2016/01/01

Dynamic DNS updater using AWS Route53 2015/08/14

Script to update a DNS record in AWS Route 53 with the current external IP (if the IP has changed). 2015/06/19

[DEPRECATED] Sync Kubernetes Services with AWS Route53 2012/12/07

Backup and restore Route53 zones, or transfer between AWS accounts.

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In this Lab-i am explaining,how to create a website on AWS.It is very easy to create a static website on aws s3. Do subscribe to TECHNICAL GUFTGU channel ... 2018/07/04

This AWS Lambda Tutorial will help you understand what is AWS Lambda, why do we use AWS Lambda, how does AWS Lambda work, AWS Lambda concepts ... 2018/01/11

This tutorial goes over setting up your domain name to point to Route 53 as well as how to create an A and CNAME record for your site! In my example I had my ... 2017/08/17

Host your website in AWS using Route 53 Public DNS with EC2 Servers or S3 Static Webhosting. 2017/04/24

54th video of AWS tutorial series by SaMtheCloudGuy. ... 2017/03/01

Route53 (Routing) :- How to managed Traffic globally with Latency based routing,Geo DNS Routing and weighted Routing Create Web server on AWS for your ... 2016/12/15

Learn more about DNS using Amazon Route 53 and step by step instructions on setting up Domain Name System for your web application using Amazon Route ... 2016/12/03

Whether you're running a simple website, a mobile app, or a suite of business applications, DNS is a fundamental part of any architecture in the cloud. In this ... 2015/07/15 This tutorial goes over setting up your domain name to point to Route 53 as well as how to create an A and CNAME record for your ...

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