SNS(Simple Notification Service)

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AWS Event Fork Pipelines helps you build event-driven serverless applications by providing pipelines for common event-handling requirements, such as event backup, analytics, and replay. The pipelines are based on AWS SAM, and can be deployed directly from 2018/05/25

Powertools (logger, HTTP client, AWS clients, middlewares, patterns) for Lambda functions. 2018/02/07

Terraform module which creates SNS topic and Lambda function which sends notifications to Slack 2017/08/01

Forward AWS CloudWatch Alarms and other notifications from Amazon SNS to Slack. 2017/07/20

🌤 Cloud function signatures for HTTP handlers, pub/sub + scheduled, queued functions, and table triggers 2017/07/20

The Architect web site! 🌩 2017/07/20

The simplest, most powerful way to build serverless applications 2017/04/26

A Terraform module which sends SNS events to Slack with AWS lambda function 2016/11/21

Type definitions for AWS Lambda event sources. 2016/07/20

AWS SNS SMS :) wrapper to make its SMS support nicer to use 2016/07/09

:cloud: 20+ Grafana dashboards for AWS CloudWatch metrics: EC2, Lambda, S3, ELB, EMR, EBS, SNS, SES, SQS, RDS, EFS, ElastiCache, Billing, API Gateway, VPN, Step Functions, Route 53, CodeBuild, ... 2016/06/28

Microservice library/framework using Python 3 asyncio with support for HTTP + WebSockets, RabbitMQ / AMQP and AWS SNS+SQS, etc. 2016/05/21

AWS (SQS/SNS) Clone for Development testing 2015/11/23

AWS Lambda function, triggered by Github/SNS webhook, to sync new commits in an S3 bucket 2015/05/26

Amazon SNS message validation for PHP 2015/04/21

A chat application without servers - using only AWS Lambda, S3, DynamoDB and SNS 2014/11/08

Boto 3 sample application using Amazon Elastic Transcoder, S3, SNS, SQS, and AWS IAM. 2013/11/28

A fake implementation of AWS SNS to test against. 2012/09/20

This project is no longer actively supported. It is made available as read-only. A highly available, horizontally scalable queuing and notification service compatible with AWS SQS and SNS

動画 2019/04/02

In this video, you will learn how to differentiate between Amazon SQS, SNS, and SES and when to use each of the three services within a decoupled ... 2018/02/19

On the next This Is My Architecture (, Danny from Experian explains how they moved from a monolithic architecture on-premises, to an ... 2017/07/13

Learning Objectives: - Understand key messaging use cases, including service-to-service communication, asynchronous work item backlog, and state change ... 2017/07/03

AWS Architect Certification Training - ) In this AWS Interview Questions Tutorial, you will get to know the questions which ... 2017/02/21

AWS Architect Certification Training - ** This Edureka AWS Tutorial for Beginners Video ( Amazon AWS Blog Series: ... 2016/12/21

See this course and others at Linux Academy: Let's walk through the ... 2016/12/21

See this course and others at Linux Academy: Communication is important ... 2015/07/12 In this tutorial I setup an SNS topic and subscribe to it via email. I then set a CloudWatch metric on an elastic load balancer to ... 2012/12/04

Amazon SNS and Amazon SQS are important systems for sending, managing, and queuing system notifications. This session details the fundamentals on how ... 2011/12/20

Learn about Amazon Simple Notification Service (SNS), the fast, flexible, fully managed push notification service that lets you send individual messages and ...



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