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リポジトリ 2018/10/11

cuML - RAPIDS Machine Learning Library 2018/09/20

A GPU-powered real-time analytics storage and query engine. 2017/07/19

A community run, 5-day PyTorch Deep Learning Bootcamp 2017/07/18

A fast, scalable, high performance Gradient Boosting on Decision Trees library, used for ranking, classification, regression and other machine learning tasks for Python, R, Java, C++. Supports computation on CPU and GPU. 2017/06/09

Deep learning with cats (^._.^) 2017/05/07

cuDF - GPU DataFrame Library 2017/04/22

Ethereum miner with OpenCL, CUDA and stratum support 2016/11/01

NumPy-like API accelerated with CUDA 2016/07/29 integrated scripts for Python 3.5.2 and Theano with CUDA support 2016/06/23 2016/01/07

HIP : Convert CUDA to Portable C++ Code 2015/12/04

World's fastest and most advanced password recovery utility 2015/11/04

Build and run Docker containers leveraging NVIDIA GPUs 2015/06/05

A flexible framework of neural networks for deep learning 2015/04/20

This is the official location of the Kaldi project. 2014/12/11

ThunderSVM: A Fast SVM Library on GPUs and CPUs 2014/10/28

ArrayFire: a general purpose GPU library. 2014/03/12

Single C file, Realtime CPU/GPU Profiler with Remote Web Viewer 2012/12/23

LWJGL is a Java library that enables cross-platform access to popular native APIs useful in the development of graphics (OpenGL, Vulkan), audio (OpenAL), parallel computing (OpenCL, CUDA) and XR (OpenVR, LibOVR) applications. 2012/03/08

NumPy aware dynamic Python compiler using LLVM

動画 2019/10/31

This video walks step-by-step through the process of taking a deep network trained in Keras and Tensorflow and generating code to run directly on a GPU. 2019/01/25

Dave Airlie CUDA has become the defacto standard for GPU compute in most fields. AI and Machine ... 2018/09/09

Artificial intelligence with PyTorch and CUDA. Let's discuss how CUDA fits in with PyTorch, and more importantly, why we use GPUs in neural network ... 2018/01/16

This time I have added image-based lighting (IBL) to my Monte Carlo-based path tracer. This is running in real time on the GPU using CUDA, with OpenGL used ... 2017/09/27 2017/09/26

Learn how to write, compile, and run a simple C program on your GPU using Microsoft Visual Studio with the Nsight plug-in. Find code used in the video at: ... 2017/09/15

If you can parallelize your code by harnessing the power of the GPU, I bow to you. GPU code is usually abstracted away by by the popular deep learning ... 2016/08/03

If you've ever owned an Nvidia graphics card, chances are that card featured CUDA technology, a parallel-processing GPU format suitable for developers and ... 2014/08/04 2014/06/25 2014/03/17

Speaker: Mr. Oren Tropp (Sagivtech) "Prace Conference 2014", Partnership for Advanced Computing in Europe, Tel Aviv University, 13.2.14. 2013/12/18

Programming for GPUs Course: Introduction to OpenACC 2.0 & CUDA 5.5 - December 4-6, 2013. 2012/06/04

Download Instructions: A lot of folks were complaining about how most GPU ...

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