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リポジトリ 2019/10/26

Real-Time spontaneous abortion prediction and Health assessment of Pregnant women using Machine Learning and IoT. 2019/07/28

Firebase prediction demo android application using Kotlin. 2019/06/19

FireBase 2019/03/06

Data Centric Application for horoscope predictions using Google Firebase 2019/02/24

Disease prediction Mobile App with Firebase Realtime Database. 2018/10/04

Train schedule w firebase db 2018/10/04

Sales Reporting and Prediction System 2018/08/25

Train model with data from Firestore, save it to Cloud Storage and make predictions in Cloud Functions - entirely using NodeJS 2018/07/06

This is a weather prediction application which uses a Rest API for latest weather data. Repository for firebase hosting: 2017/11/29

Python backend service to update currency data and latest predictions to firebase db 2017/10/22

Using past stock data, StockSee aims to create future predictions in a span of one year. Made using python, firebase, html, css and js 2017/10/09

Mobile ​application messenger with the ​support of emoji prediction and smart reply ​suggestions.

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Learn how to use BigQuery ML on Google Cloud Platform to predict the outcome of horse races - Machine learning skill not required. 2019/01/03

Bring the power of machine learning into your app with Firebase's ML Kit. ML Kit is a mobile SDK that brings Google's machine learning expertise to Android, ... 2018/12/23

Ten predictions about 2019 from the mind of a JavaScript developer. Learn about trends in web development, native apps, social media, and more. 2018/10/29

Watch the keynote & all the recorded sessions in this playlist → Mobile app developers from around the world gathered in Prague for the ... 2018/09/24

Learn how to combine Google APIs with Firebase Auth by building an app that can manage a user's calendar ... 2018/02/07

On this episode of #AskFirebase, Jen Person & Laurence Moroney answer questions from Firebase developers like you, related to user experience, ... 2017/11/30

Firebase Predictions lets you anticipate your users' actions through machine-learned models of their behavior. By using it, you can determine which of your ... 2017/11/01

What is Firebase?How to use Firebase,firebase android tutorial in Hindi,Introducing Firebase Predictions,firebase android tutorial ... 2017/10/31

Firebase Predictions Documentation: Firebase Predictions helps you increase user retention, reduce churn, and improve in-app purchase ... 2017/05/17

Google Analytics for Firebase is built from the ground up to provide all the data that mobile app developers need, in one easy place. It's free and unlimited ...



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