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Compute Sentence Embeddings Fast! 2019/04/22

NLP 相关的一些文档、论文及代码, 包括主题模型(Topic Model)、词向量(Word Embedding)、命名实体识别(Named Entity Recognition)、文本分类(Text Classificatin)、文本生成(Text Generation)、文本相似性(Text Similarity)计算、机器翻译(Machine Translation)等,涉及到各种与nlp相关的算法,基于tensorflow 2.0。 2018/09/03

Fast word vectors with little memory usage in Python 2018/03/03

Continuous Machine Learning Training and Deployment on AWS SageMaker 2018/02/24

A fast, efficient universal vector embedding utility package. 2018/01/28

NLP, Text Mining and Machine Learning starter code to solve real world text data problems. Includes: Gensim Word2Vec, phrase embeddings, keyword extraction with TFIDF, Text Classification with Logistic Regression, word count with pyspark, simple text pre 2018/01/23

The TensorFlow reference implementation of 'GEMSEC: Graph Embedding with Self Clustering' (ASONAM 2019). 2017/10/13

Data repository for pretrained NLP models and NLP corpora. 2017/09/10

AraVec is a pre-trained distributed word representation (word embedding) open source project which aims to provide the Arabic NLP research community with free to use and powerful word embedding models. 2017/08/03

Scikit-Learn, NLTK, Spacy, Gensim, Textblob and more 2016/10/08

An experiment about re-implementing supervised learning models based on shallow neural network approaches (e.g. fastText) with some additional exclusive features and nice API. Written in Python and fully compatible with Scikit-learn. 2016/09/25

Learn how to process, classify, cluster, summarize, understand syntax, semantics and sentiment of text data with the power of Python! This repository contains code and datasets used in my book, "Text Analytics with Python" published by Apress/Springer. 2016/08/26

中文詞向量訓練教學 2016/02/09

ADAM - A Question Answering System. Inspired from IBM Watson 2016/01/23

🦆 Contextually-keyed word vectors 2016/01/01

word2vec uisng keras inside gensim 2015/05/22

Toolkit to obtain and preprocess german corpora, train models using word2vec (gensim) and evaluate them with generated testsets 2015/05/15

Tutorial for Sentiment Analysis using Doc2Vec in gensim (or "getting 87% accuracy in sentiment analysis in under 100 lines of code") 2014/07/21

Topic modeling with gensim and LDA 2011/02/10

Topic Modelling for Humans

動画 2019/02/25

Word2Vec #Gensim #Python Word2Vec is a popular word embedding used in a lot of deep learning applications. In this video we use Gensim to train a ... 2018/03/22

ArchSim booting ArchLinux and Xfce4 for ARMv7-A. The ARM processor simulator is generated from a high level architecture description. 2017/07/26

Description What is the closest word to "king"? Is it "Canute" or is it "crowned"? There are many ways to define "similar words" and "similar texts". Depending on ... 2017/07/26

Description This tutorial will guide you through the process of analysing ... 2017/07/26

Description I used the Doc2Vec framework to analyze user comments on German online news articles and uncovered some interesting relations among the data ... 2017/05/15

Filmed at PyData London 2017 Description There are many ways to find similar words/docs with an open-source Natural Language processing ... 2017/03/05

This video explains word2vec concepts and also helps implement it in gensim library of python. Word2vec extracts features from text and assigns vector ... 2016/05/12

PyData London 2016 Python has great open source libraries to extract data from its most raw format - the human readable text. We will discuss a family of ... 2015/11/03 2015/08/10

PyData Seattle 2015 Gensim is fairly popular NLP library available in Python. In addition to having implementations of several popular algorithms, it has a ... 2015/07/22

Gource visualization of gensim ( Topic Modelling for Humans. 2015/06/17


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