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towardsdatascience... 2019/07/21
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Create Appointment Scheduler chatbot using Dialogflow, by creating a fulfillment integration with Google Calendar API 2019/03/24

Provides event calendar for your Symfony 4 project. Compatible with Doctrine ORM & ODM, and API like Google Calendar. 2018/07/29

A backend .net API which manages our database (postgres, google cloud). Data from this database is used by meredith-core to provide endpoints to any front end team. All content for websites, email marketing, ad buying, etc. is all stored in the same datab 2018/06/22

ESP8266 based e-ink conference room scheduler display. Repurposable through PHP-based server plugins to display any image. Outlook, Exchange, Booked, Google Calendar API and iCal server scheduler support. 2018/05/07

A command line tool that uses a Boolean calculus of calendars for computing availability (currently supports Google Calendar API) 2018/04/21

An api to manage your google calendar 2018/04/02

Integrating Google Calendar API with Dialogflow's Fulfillment & Knowledge Connectors 2017/07/21

A simple web app to book meeting rooms inside an office, built using React and Google Calendar API 2016/11/04 2016/05/11

Simple node module that supports Google Calendar API 2016/03/31

This bot can interact with Google Calendar API, allowing you to easily add/manage events 2015/09/09

Deliberate Practice for Learning Flask 2015/06/26

(1) Name :- ActionBarSearchView Description :- Action bar search view. (2) Name :- Adsfree Description :- Admob integration. (3) Name :- AndroidDayDreamDemo Description :- Day dream demo. (4) Name :- android query demo live Description :- Google play l 2015/05/29

:calendar: A sample and tutorial demonstrating the use of the Google Calendar API 2015/04/30

This package provides an simpler interface to Google calendars using the google-api-python-client python package and OAuth. 2012/09/19

A single-page webapp of Google Calendar, based on its API. 2012/08/26

Google Calendar API connection in Node.js 2011/01/14

Simple one-class implementation of the Google Calendar API. This is not an implementation of the complete API but just the essentials to get your Google Calendar integration going. 2010/12/16

A minimal wrapper around the Google Calendar API

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To be able to integrate and use google authentication in our core application, we have to first register our application with google. In this video we will ... 2019/01/23

In this tutorial we will integrate Google Calendar with Apps Script API in our Web App and create a date-picker using Materialize CSS that will only let users ... 2018/09/24

Learn how to combine Google APIs with Firebase Auth by building an app that can manage a user's calendar ... 2018/04/01

This is the first episode in which we will use the Google Calendar API to schedule an appointment from a webpage. The goal is to allow for scheduling ... 2017/09/25

Video tutorial series about Apps Script (JavaScript) in Google Sheets (Excel VBA Equivalent). In this tutorial we'll cover how to get events from Google Calendar ... 2017/06/29

Developers may be aware they can use email markup or the Google Calendar API in their apps to insert events into their users' calendars. This gives users a ... 2017/05/15

Grab Your Free 17-Point WordPress Pre-Launch PDF Checklist: Embed Google Calendar On Your Site Quickly And Easily ... 2016/10/29

Find Code on: Next Video Creating Events: ... 2015/09/06

Got an app that makes bookings, such as for dining, travel, concerts or other events? Enhance your users' experience by inserting events into their calendars. 2013/05/07

In this session, we build and deploy a simple App Engine application using Google APIs (eg. Google+ API) and OAuth2. We also demonstrate use of APIs ...


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