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A calendar card for Home Assistant using Lovelace 2018/07/16

My Scripts for Plex / Emby with Google Drive and rclone 2018/01/17

Google Home 買ったので、マッチョな男の人に喋らせました。(C#, Azure Functions) 2018/01/15

(Unofficial) Google Home local api documentation. Available at 2018/01/11

A Node.js server that allows for sending commands to Google Home/Assistant from endpoints 2018/01/02

Amazon Alexa Smart home skill / Google Home Action for ESP8266 / ESP32 / Arduino 2017/12/30

Control your computer with your Google Home or Amazon Alexa assistant! 2017/11/13

Des plugins pour les Assistant (comme Google Home, Cortana, Alexa) 2017/10/29

cli for Google Chromecast, Home devices and Cast Groups 2017/06/14

TypeScript framework to build cross-platform voice applications (alexa, google home, ...). 2017/06/11

Control ESP8266 with Google Home without using IFTTT or opening a firewall 2017/05/17

A sample of the Smart Home device control APIs in Actions on Google 2017/05/09

Control kodi via Google Home / Assistant 2017/01/05

A Node.js server for Google Assistant (and Google Home). 2016/12/23

Send notifications to Google Home 2015/06/26

(1) Name :- ActionBarSearchView Description :- Action bar search view. (2) Name :- Adsfree Description :- Admob integration. (3) Name :- AndroidDayDreamDemo Description :- Day dream demo. (4) Name :- android query demo live Description :- Google play l 2014/03/27

The new home of 2013/03/15

Home-made Google Reader replacement powered by Node.js and Cloudant 2012/04/07

Utilizing Google's Text-to-Speech Engine, Google's Speech-to-Text Engine, and Wolfram Alpha's knowledge base to create a homebrew Siri-type AI for home automation 2011/11/05

REST IN PEACE GOOGLE READER! A user style for new google reader UI that makes you feel right at home

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The Google Home Hub offers a completely new way to interact with your Google Assistant in your home. This video will take you through all the main functions ... 2018/01/09

The Lenovo Smart Display is a Google Home with a built-in screen – and that makes it the very first Google Home I might consider buying. While you still control ... 2018/01/03

5 ▻ singlecue Gen 2 – Remoteless control for your Living Room devices. Compatible with Alexa ○Amazon International : ○Amazon US ... 2017/12/23

Google Home Mini product links: BestBuy: Target: ... 2017/12/14

Google Home Max is a ridiculously powerful smart speaker for $400. Is it worth it? Google Home Max: ... 2017/11/03 2017/10/09

Google Home Mini - Smart, small, and cheaper than before. Worth it? Video Gear I use: ... 2017/09/26

I have found the 5 best smart home tech that will make your daily home life much easier. They all work with the Amazon Echo, Google Home and Siri. Watch to ... 2016/11/29

Google's version of Amazon Alexa, complete with games and trivia! Google Store: Google Home on Amazon: ... 2016/11/03

Google Home is the $129 Echo competitor that puts the search giant's much-touted new Google Assistant intelligence technology inside a small, but powerful ... 2016/10/04

Introducing Google Home, a voice-activated speaker powered by the Google Assistant. Ask it questions. Tell it to do things. It's your own Google, always ready to ...

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