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Magento 2 - Lightspeed for Google Lighthouse optimizations 2019/12/15

Android Google Style Loading Animation Library (Needs performance optimizations!!) 2019/04/26

A set of notebooks explaining swift for tensorflow optimized to run in Google Collaboratory. 2018/11/29

using Neural Networks (SSD) on Tensorflow. This repo documents steps and scripts used to train a hand detector using Tensorflow (Object Detection API). As with any DNN based task, the most expensive (and riskiest) part of the process has to do with findi 2018/11/09

ReactJS A/B testing with Google Optimize 2018/10/08

Machine learning notebooks in different subjects optimized to run in google collaboratory 2018/09/26

Is a compact and easy-to-use tag creator to optimize your site (OnPage SEO de forma fácil e descomplicada, open graph, twitter card, facebook, google plus e outros) 2018/06/28

SSR friendly Google Optimize module for Nuxt.js 2017/04/30

Command line tool to optimize your webfont loading. Aggressive subsetting based on your font use, self-hosting of Google fonts and preloading 2017/04/28

Plexdrive mounts your Google Drive FUSE filesystem (optimized for media playback) 2017/03/05

org-mode on the web, built with React, optimized for mobile, synced with Dropbox and Google Drive 2016/08/19

OptimizedHTML is all-inclusive, optimized for Google PageSpeed start HTML5 template with Bootstrap (grid only), Gulp, Sass, Browsersync, Autoprefixer, Clean-CSS, Uglify, Imagemin, Vinyl-FTP (+Rsync) and Bower (libs path) support. The template contains a . 2016/05/24

Tools for app store optimization on iTunes and Google Play 2015/03/15

Magento Google Pagespeed Optimization Extension 2014/12/18

:mag: A helpful checklist / collection of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tips and techniques. 2014/07/03

Magento Extension Directory 1> Themes Switcher 2> Default Shipping On Cart 3> Upshare 4> Product Image Optimizer 5> Idealo Product Export 6> magento Google shopping Api v2 7>Google feed and facebook feed 8> Pdf upload in magento media wysiwyg 9> Product 2011/02/10

Java JS/CSS optimization solution (tag and ant,servlet). Whitespace remover and Google Closure compilator integration. 2010/11/05

A compiler and runtime for Google's Sawzall language, optimized for Hadoop 2010/08/13

GWT Mobile is a cross-platform mobile development tool using Google Web Toolkit technology. It provides a set of UI widgets optimized for mobile devices, a ORM module to persist objects to the browser database, and a wrapper to access PhoneGap functions f 2009/10/14

A project for porting and optimizing OpenCV for Google's Android OS

動画 2020/03/12

The People Also Ask questions on Google can be difficult to optimize for. This video will show you how to optimize for the People Also Ask area that is shown on ... 2020/02/24

Optimize Google Ads With Negative Key Words Its time to optimize your Google Search ads using Negative Key Words Step by Step in this video Join my ... 2019/12/11

In this video you'll learn how to create a Google Optimize experience (test or personalization) that spans multiple pages on your website. For more information ... 2019/05/24

FREE get a copy of my best selling book - How To Create A Second Income By selling Things On Amazon: A Step by Step Guide To Amazon Success In ... 2019/04/18

Learn how to create advanced and clear Google Data Studio reports and dashboards. Visualize data for clients or for yourself and make the right decisions for ... 2018/07/19

Google AdWords is now Google Ads. Click here to learn more about our new advertising brand: Speakers: ... 2018/04/24

Google Adwords Negative Keywords and How Not Having Negative Keywords Can Ruin a Campaign! Click to Get our Free Google Ads / PPC Tools: ... 2017/11/11

Simplygon is a great tool for Unity and Unreal that helps optimize your models especially those made in Google Blocks, Tilt Brush, and even Oculus Medium. 2016/07/12

Get big discount on hostgator: In this video I will show you how to make a blog website using Wordpress and the free theme called Astrid.

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