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Ansible role to use podman on CentOS8 to deploy containers for use in the home network

github.com 2020/03/15

Folding at home in a container

github.com 2020/03/14
github.com 2019/12/04

Home of the pod's Nucleo code.

github.com 2019/08/16

Home page of the infamous dd() podcast!

github.com 2019/06/26

A collection of k8s pod specs and Docker images used for an at-home cluster.

github.com 2019/02/18

Rendu Git du projet de semaine intensive sur HomePod du groupe 5 Ivaldy/Jouve/Lemaire/Frereau/Soyer/Barthes

github.com 2018/03/09

Home page for the Podedo Project

github.com 2018/02/02

Hackathon project from VISA Hackathon at Campus Party São Paulo 2018 This project got at the top 3 from selected apps, it's a contactless payment app for self-checkout at stores that have a large queu for clients, so they can scan the code bar of the pro

github.com 2017/11/01

libpod is a library used to create container pods. Home of Podman.

github.com 2017/10/10

This is a sweet home for all private pods, I have ever created.

github.com 2017/03/08

Podcast sources for Home Media Server

github.com 2016/12/13

Multi-homed pod cni

github.com 2016/11/15


github.com 2016/10/09

Built an app to help users discover popular podcasts in their area using iTunes Search API and the Location API of Google Play Services. Launched a details screen whenever a particular podcast was selected by storing the podcast data through a Content Pro

github.com 2015/11/19

Automatically generate podcast feed xml to be hosted on home server for bbc radio podcasts downloaded by get_iplayer.

github.com 2015/06/16

Home of all VPR podcasts, VPR partner podcasts & and a select group of staff picks

github.com 2013/10/21

geekhub home work podcast listener


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In diesem Video beantworte ich folgende Fragen: Ich habe letztens eine Apple Watch Series 4 bekommen und wollte mal auch schwimmen gehen und bin mir ...

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Here's an Apple Homepod update for 2019. Was it a success or a flop? Is it still worth consideration in 2019? HomePod may have landed with a collective ...

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Super excited about AirPlay 2! FYI - I edited out every time I said "Hey Siri" so I don't trigger you all! ▻ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS: ...

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Apple HomePod is the smart speaker from apple and I give you my impressions about it's sound quality how well works for Hindi Music, English Music can you ...

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Apple HomePod. It's somehow the best and the worst. Siri vs Google vs Alexa vs Bixby: https://youtu.be/BkpAro4zIwU MKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.com ...

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We CUT OPEN an Apple HomePod!?! Is this a good speaker? Win one here: https://gleam.io/YSBLI/one-free-apple-homepod We post a new video EVERY ...

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First look and unboxing of the new Apple HomePod! Watch my features and review video next: https://youtu.be/14lRHY7IZss ▻ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ...

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Apple's HomePod is late for the smart speaker auditions but impresses with some key features. WSJ's Joanna Stern puts it through three rounds of tryouts, ...

www.youtube.com 2018/02/06

The HomePod is Apple's answer to the Amazon Echo, the Google Home, the Sonos One, and every other smart speaker out there with a voice assistant built-in.

www.youtube.com 2018/02/06

Checking out some of my favorite features of the new Apple HomePod! Watch my HomePod Unboxing here: https://youtu.be/L9FBI1kOEHo ▻ SUBSCRIBE FOR ...

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