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towardsdatascience... 2019/07/23 2018/07/18
リポジトリ 2019/07/24

A simple screenshooting program written in Rust 2019/07/01

Disable opposite day, print and save this document now. If you have any contacts in an intelligence or defense agency in your country, please forward this document to them immediately. This is a dialogue-based defense against an existing Advanced Persist 2019/06/25

is a wrapper around Binance API with the joy of kiss literate programming 2018/08/28

A refined core library for D programming language. Include event / asynchronous / net / tcpstream / serialize / radix-tree / timer / container / memory / buffer.etc. 2017/12/13

is a Bitstamp API v2 wrapper with the joy of kiss literate programming 2017/05/29

This is a C++ implementation of KISS TNC software for Arduino 2017/03/31

Source code accompanying 'Mathematics of Epidemics on Networks' by Kiss, Miller, and Simon Documentation for the software package is at 2017/03/25

a very simple x session programs manager that is inspired by 4 a.m. nagging in the chat and made in 30 minutes 2017/01/29

A selenium based program to download episodes from KissAnime 2016/12/22

Kindergarten Information Software System 2016/10/08

A Python based program that allows you to download episodes from kisscartoon and kissanime 2016/07/02

A makeshift API for programming with kissanime 2016/05/16

Software used for the MinimOSD and the Kiss FC from 2016/03/23

Kerbal Improved Save System (KISS) is an add-on for the game Kerbal Space Program that improves the default "Quicksave as..." mechanic. 2016/01/27

is a minimal literate programming boilerplate 2013/02/10

Kolekto is a really KISS movie catalog software 2012/11/09

"Kissing Turtles", a Mobile Game to learn programming for kids using Groovy DSL to move the turtle. When starting a new game, little Franklin is lost in the maze, help him find his true love. We can replace true love by a salad leaf ;-) 2011/06/29

[MIRROR] Introducing MiMViC that embraces the PHP 5.3 and takes a step into future by utilizing the namespaces, lambda functions and minimality. MiMViC is supposed to be super-light weight and programmer friendly framework, thus giving programmer only the 2010/06/01

Testing area for new program visualizer components of kiss-c 2009/07/30

Kipr's Instructional Software System

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This a New Startup Chanel. So Please Guys Subscribe. Aur Iss Video Par Like Karo. Motivation Milta Hain.. Source Code ... 2019/01/17

ソニー SONY フルサイズミラーレス一眼 α7RM3 ボディ ILCE-7RM3 昨日のα6400発表と同時に、ソフトウェアアップデートの話がありま... 2018/12/10

Links to my patreon and online store. Please do not feel obligated in any way. Patreon supporters have access to direct messages. 2017/06/01

Took me a few tries, but after learning the KISS GUI this was actually quite simple to set up. I forgot to show, but you need to reverse motors 4 and 2 if you ... 2017/05/23

KISS is a time tested engineering principle we should all embrace. If you want to learn how to code like a pro, you have to learn from a pro: ... 2016/09/27

we create some rust code to make our own random numbers and see if the bits look like random static or not. code is on GitHub: ... 2016/08/28

C program to kiss a sweet girl(using graphics) 2016/08/07

S.O.L.I.D: The First 5 Principles of Object Oriented Design High-Quality Code Bad code: Rigidity, Fragility, Non-reusability OO: Encapsulation, Inheritance, ... 2016/04/19

Consider supporting the channel by visiting Find the tool online at Thanks for watching, ... 2014/01/10

Martin Garrix In The Studio explaining how he created his UK number one and platinum selling club smash, Animals using Image-Line's FL Studio software.

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