Oculus Quest

dev.to 2020/02/24

github.com 2020/03/05

Matching technique for getting 2D haptic feedback on Oculus Quest + Painting with hands + Fast gesture recognition + Optimized 3D scanned room

github.com 2020/01/07

Wrapper SDK for Quest and that includes controller and hand tracking input support

github.com 2020/01/02

Oculus Quest hand tracking directly in Unity Editor for fast iteration.

github.com 2019/12/31

An Unreal Engine 4 plugin for the new Oculus Quest hands tracking. To tied us over till Oculus's official release.

github.com 2019/12/26

Virtual reality workout game for Oculus Quest

github.com 2019/12/12

Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK) extension for Oculus Quest

github.com 2019/11/11

Kernel exploits for the Oculus Quest

github.com 2019/11/10

Sharing our security research on the Oculus Quest

github.com 2019/09/26

An easy to use VR toolkit for Oculus Quest development using the Godot game engine

github.com 2019/09/25

Quake 2 on the Oculus Quest

github.com 2019/07/17

A variety of examples while making tutorial videos for the Oculus Quest

github.com 2019/07/01

Port of the Xash3D-FWGS Half Life Engine to Oculus Quest

github.com 2019/06/23

Integration of Intel RealSense depth cameras with the Oculus Quest standalone VR headset usng Unity

github.com 2019/05/30

The first (and only I think!) 6DoF implementation of Quake, using the DarkPlaces Engine for the Oculus Quest VR HMD

github.com 2019/05/30

GUI for custom songs in Beat Saber for Oculus Quest - NyanBlade#7754

github.com 2019/05/26

Patcher tool to add custom levels to the Oculus Quest version of Beat Saber

github.com 2019/05/25

oculus quest media steraming asset for Unity

github.com 2019/04/24

A open app store for mobile android based VR devices such as the Oculus Go, Oculus Quest or other android based devices.

github.com 2019/01/30

Everyday research on the Quest for developers.

github.com 2018/05/28

Godot Oculus mobile drivers (GearVR/Oculus Go/Oculus Quest)


www.youtube.com 2020/03/07

Frances and I are back at it with VRChat for the Oculus Quest Virtual Reality Headset! In today's episode we go on a hunt for jewels, enjoy fireworks, and have ...

www.youtube.com 2019/07/24

Come and join me for a virtual reality tour of the incredible Engage platform using the Oculus Quest! Engage VR is used for Education, Training & Meetings.

www.youtube.com 2019/06/02

This week's news: Sun Damage, Sales Data, Custom Beat Saber Tracks, new Quest Features coming and so much more. See you in the Metaverse Questers!

www.youtube.com 2019/05/30

Twitter: http://twitter.com/prsnsingh Instagram: http://instagram.com/prsnsingh Personal website: http://www.prasoonsingh.com.

www.youtube.com 2019/05/28

Did you know there is a free Oculus Quest Virtual Desktop application to connect your Oculus Quest wirelessly to your PC or laptop? This free Oculus Quest app ...

www.youtube.com 2019/05/14

In the second part of my Oculus Quest Review Series we are going to check out the displays and lenses! How good are they actually! Also you will see the first ...

www.youtube.com 2019/05/11

In this video I explore the Top 5 not so obvious uses for the Oculus Quest. In the future VR may be a much bigger part of our lives than anyone can imagine!

www.youtube.com 2018/09/27

Hayden goes hands-on with Facebook's Oculus Quest, a wireless VR headset that doesn't need a PC. At the Oculus Connect 5, Hayden got to try out Tennis ...

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