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Automatically identify anti-patterns in SQL queries 2016/11/21

🏆码云最有价值开源项目 🚀后端接口和文档自动化,前端(客户端) 定制返回 JSON 的数据和结构!🏆Gitee Most Valuable Project 🚀A JSON Transmission Protocol and an ORM Library for automatically providing APIs and Docs. 2016/02/29

ORM for TypeScript and JavaScript (ES7, ES6, ES5). Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, MS SQL Server, Oracle, SAP Hana, WebSQL databases. Works in NodeJS, Browser, Ionic, Cordova and Electron platforms. 2016/02/05

Command line tool to generate idiomatic Go code for SQL databases supporting PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server 2016/02/05

A high performance implementation of the Ruby programming language. Built on the GraalVM by Oracle Labs. 2015/11/14

requery - modern SQL based query & persistence for Java / Kotlin / Android 2015/10/21

Free universal database tool and SQL client 2015/08/02

Everything about database,bussiness.(Most for PostgreSQL). 2015/07/13

Best ORM Fastest ORM Simple Easy Sqlite orm Oracle ORM Mysql Orm postgresql ORm SqlServer oRm 2014/12/30

Oracle Database driver for Node.js maintained by Oracle Corp. 2014/12/19

Official source for Docker configurations, images, and examples of Dockerfiles for Oracle products and projects 2013/05/09

Simple and Powerful ORM for Go, support mysql,postgres,tidb,sqlite3,mssql,oracle, Moved to 2013/04/15

Facebook's branch of the Oracle MySQL v5.6 database. This includes MyRocks. 2012/12/14

Flyway by Redgate • Database Migrations Made Easy. 2012/03/07

Packer templates for building minimal Vagrant baseboxes for multiple platforms 2012/01/27

Sane database change management 2011/10/23

Fork of tagtraum industries' GCViewer. Tagtraum stopped development in 2008, I aim to improve support for Sun's / Oracle's java 1.6+ garbage collector logs (including G1 collector) 2011/07/08

Main Liquibase Source 2011/06/23

JSqlParser parses an SQL statement and translate it into a hierarchy of Java classes. The generated hierarchy can be navigated using the Visitor Pattern 2011/04/17

jOOQ is the best way to write SQL in Java

動画 2019/06/26

How to install Oracle Virtualbox 6.0, virtualbox extension pack and configure system path so vboxmanage works on the command line. Oracle Virtualbox ... 2018/10/23

The second-generation cloud is built for the enterprise to protect your critical data; secure from core to edge; easily move apps and data from on-premises. 2018/01/29

For those wondering, no it's NOT defanged or a venomoid. It still has its fangs and venom. More pictures and videos of it on Instagram @chrisweeet! 2017/10/24

In this video you will learn about the different types of Standby Databases in an Oracle Data Guard environment. You will get to know the typical use cases in ... 2017/01/11

Take a tour and tour Oracle's data center. 2016/07/29 2015/11/20

Learn Table Auditing using DML Triggers in Oracle Database and Increase the level of security by keep an eye on user tempering your table data. 2015/08/11

Detail tutorial on How to install Oracle database 11g enterprise edition on Windows 10 Professional 64 bit. Full installation under 9 mins. You can follow the ... 2015/07/27

As illustrated in the video, Oracle Database is a program designed to hold lots of information, or data. There are all kinds of different databases and they all have ... 2015/05/29 2015/02/05 2014/01/22

Here are step-by-step instructions for installing Oracle Database 12c Release 1 on Windows in this video i am installing 12c on windows 8 but you can follow the ... 2010/10/27 - Oracle Training and Tutorials - In this video we will learn how to use the R12 interface to define a Ledger by creating the core ...

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