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Vendor agnostic DNS front-end for streamlining DNS operations and enabling self-service for your DNS infrastructure 2016/12/07

Standalone Play WS, an async HTTP client with fluent API 2016/12/06

The Play JSON library 2016/10/04

Play Scala Starter Template (ideal for new users!) 2016/10/04

Play starter project in Java (ideal for new users!) 2016/08/01

Example Play Scala application showing REST API 2016/04/25

Scala library to define HTTP-based communication protocols 2016/02/23

Reactive Microservices for the JVM 2015/06/01

Example Play Slick Project 2014/10/29

Play mailer plugin 2013/09/22

Twirl is Play's default template engine 2013/08/25

Seed Application for Playframework 2, RequireJS, WebJars, and AngularJS 1.x 2013/05/28

Example Play Scala application showing WebSocket use with Akka actors 2013/01/11

Slick Plugin for Play 2012/12/11

Example code for my tutorial series about Play Framework 2.x 2012/08/30

ReactiveMongo plugin for Playframework 2012/05/30

Elasticsearch module for PlayFramework 2.x applications 2011/09/07

Play Framework 2011/06/14

Adds route mapping capacity to any "Spring MVC based" webapp. Uses Router implementation. 2010/06/30

Realtime Client Server Framework for the JVM, supporting WebSockets with Cross-Browser Fallbacks

動画 2017/06/12

In this video, we will download and enable Play Ebean Plugin in Play Framework. In the next Video, we will Update Our Model And Controllers to save data ... 2017/05/21

From this video, you will start building your first Play Application, where you will learn how to Create, Update, Read and Delete books in your Bookstore app and ... 2017/05/20

Hi , in this video you will learn how to create simple view in play framework , how views are implemented in play , how to pass data from url to controller and from ... 2017/05/17

JavaScript front-ends are getting richer and codebases larger. TypeScript has seen good adoption as the static typing helps with a growing codebase. 2017/05/12

Hi , From this video RadixCode going to start new Video series on Play Framework , which is one of the most popular Web Framework in JVM Ecosystem. 2014/07/30

Jim shows how to build an equivalent of Facebook's BigPipe in Play, where components of a page are delivered in parallel, decreasing latency dramatically, ... 2014/07/11 2013/06/26

"We've found that the Play Framework is one of the few frameworks that is able to maintain the delicate balance of performance, reliability, and developer ... 2012/05/30

A short video about the installation for the play framework 2.0 Havea look for more: Edit 1: There are obviously some ...

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