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An open-source time-series SQL database optimized for fast ingest and complex queries. Packaged as a PostgreSQL extension. 2016/04/14

Execute one command (or mount one Node.js middleware) and get an instant high-performance GraphQL API for your PostgreSQL database! 2016/02/29

ORM for TypeScript and JavaScript (ES7, ES6, ES5). Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, MS SQL Server, Oracle, WebSQL databases. Works in NodeJS, Browser, Ionic, Cordova and Electron platforms. 2015/10/21

Free universal database tool and SQL client 2015/08/02

A curated list of awesome PostgreSQL software, libraries, tools and resources, inspired by awesome-mysql 2015/02/02

The simplest, fastest way to get business intelligence and analytics to everyone in your company :yum: 2014/10/12

Postgres CLI with autocompletion and syntax highlighting 2014/10/09

Cross-platform client for PostgreSQL databases 2014/06/13

REST API for any Postgres database 2014/04/20

Machine Learning、Deep Learning、PostgreSQL、Distributed System、Node.Js、Golang 2013/10/28

Make Your Company Data Driven. Connect to any data source, easily visualize, dashboard and share your data. 2013/05/09

Simple and Powerful ORM for Go, support mysql,postgres,tidb,sqlite3,mssql,oracle 2013/03/06

A simple Node.js ORM for PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite3 built on top of Knex.js 2012/12/29

A query builder for PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite3, designed to be flexible, portable, and fun to use. 2012/04/06

The easiest way to get started with PostgreSQL on the Mac 2010/10/15

PostgreSQL client for node.js. 2010/10/11

a small, expressive orm -- supports postgresql, mysql and sqlite 2010/09/21

Mirror of the official PostgreSQL GIT repository. Note that this is just a *mirror* - we don't work with pull requests on github. To contribute, please see 2010/07/22

An easy-to-use multi SQL dialect ORM for Node.js 2009/01/05

NewsBlur is a personal news reader that brings people together to talk about the world. A new sound of an old instrument.

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Today we show you how to install PostgreSQL (aka “Postgres”). In addition to installing the database, we will install the pgAdmin GUI tool. Once Postgres and ... 2019/01/07 2018/11/21 2018/10/23

Social Network for Developers ☞ Developers Chat Channel ☞ Learn to code for free and get a developer job ... 2018/10/08 2018/02/03

A tutorial on how to configure Nagios XI to monitor a PostgreSQL Server. Using the built in plugin you are able to remotely connect to the PostgreSQL server to ... 2017/10/20

This video compares the database systems MongoDB and PostgreSQL. The video was created for the course Database Sysem Principles at Umeå University ... 2017/07/11 2017/04/06

The PostgreSQL installers created by EnterpriseDB are designed to make it quick and simple to install PostgreSQL on your computer. The installer provides: a ... 2017/01/27

POSTGRESQL is an open-source, full-featured relational database.PostgreSQL is the most advanced open source relational database, MySQL did not have ... 2017/01/14

ReactJS and PostgreSQL: Full Stack Application Best natural cognitive enhancer in 2019 (Red Focus): ... 2015/10/13

In this video we will begin learning SQL Basics. To get started writing SQL, we need to first set up a server and a database. The server we will be using for these ... 2013/06/21

A comparison of the error reporting between MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Original video: 2011/10/27

PostreSQL is a great SQL platform that is truly SQL, unlike MySQL that has forked from the standard. MySQL is definitely the thing to run if your software was built ...

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