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简单高效、基于敏捷开发的项目管理工具 2018/03/10

Risk-First Software Development 2017/10/22

This Chrome extension helps in automatically putting together Scrums based on your Github contributions 2017/09/24

Awesome List of resources on Agile Software Development. 2016/11/20

JavaScript Scrum App to manage tasks with ease 2016/11/18

Simple and Robust solution to manage your software development project 2016/10/28

:panda_face: Jitamin is a free software written in PHP, intended to handle the project management over the web. QQ群: 656868 2015/10/28

PHP web app for planning poker 2015/07/11

imdone-atom has been archived 2015/05/23

Scrumwala: Your very own Scrum, Agile project management web app - built with Laravel 2015/03/23 2015/01/23

Leantime is a project management system for small teams and startups. Designed to help you manage your projects from ideation to delivery. 2014/06/02

Agile project management platform. Built on top of Django and AngularJS 2013/10/14

Agile project management integrated with GitHub 2013/03/19

Agile project management platform. Built on top of Django and AngularJS 2012/11/28

OpenProject is the leading open source project management software. 2011/09/23

Add Scrum to Trello 2011/03/10

Collaborative Online Scrum Tool Using Websockets, Node.js, jQuery, and CSS3 2011/01/30

Zentao is an agile(scrum) project management system/tool, Free Upgrade Forever!​ 2010/12/03

ScrumDo Agile Story Tracking Website

動画 2018/04/01

Understanding important Scrum Metrics and KPIs Metrics Covered 1. Velocity 2. Commitment Reliability 3. Capacity Utilization 4. Estimation Variance 5. 2018/02/12

What is Agile Scrum? Learn in 16 minutes in this introduction to scrum video. Scrum is a framework for managing work with an emphasis on software ... 2017/09/19

Scrum is an agile project management methodology or framework used primarily for software development projects with the goal of delivering new software ... 2016/07/12

Get the book! Learn the definition of scrum and how to use the scrum methodologies in this book. Like the agile methodology and project ... 2016/07/11

We explain how Scrum works and why it is so useful. Scrum is an approach for managing projects with more speed, flexibility and energy. Instead of relying on ... 2015/06/25

Learn more about Scrum: WHAT IS SCRUM? Scrum Alliance presents "What is Scrum?" in less than 2 minutes. 2015/02/12

Scrum is an iterative and incremental way of developing software. In this video, Scrum framework is explained in detail. You'll understand the fundamental ... 2014/07/26

What is Agile Scrum? This video will get you started with the details to you need to start working with Scrum. Visit for scrum software. 2012/02/21

Follow Hamid, or ask questions from him on Twitter here: For Scrum software, visit: Scrum Overview Diagram:: ... 2011/12/30 a funny Scrum Master training movie for everbody that works with scrum, with Jeff Sutherland, Rini van Solingen, Ian Sense, and ...

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