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A Unity Framework for modular app creation based on ScriptableObject architecture, data oriented design and event driven programming to help programmers and designers adhere to the 5 SOLID programming principals. 2019/05/30

A template for Data Science projects with a solid Software Engineering Architecture 2019/02/28

Demo of solid principle in Dart 2018/10/02

Quantum chemistry and solid state physics software package 2018/08/15

Learn Ethereum Solidity programming through test driven development (inspired by Ruby Koans) 2018/07/29

The simplest roadmap of becoming a solid Software engineer 2018/05/15

📚 Web version of repo - Fundamental programming with ruby examples and references. It covers threads, SOLID principles, design patterns, data structures, algorithms. Books for reading. 2018/02/14

A compilation of patterns and best practices for the smart contract programming language Solidity 2017/11/09

Code base for "Learn Solidity: Programming Language for Ethereum Smart Contracts" course in Tosh Academy & Blockchain Council 2017/07/18

Netgen/NGSolve is a high performance multiphysics finite element software. It is widely used to analyze models from solid mechanics, fluid dynamics and electromagnetics. Due to its flexible Python interface new physical equations and solution algorithms 2017/04/14

A repo for solidity software design patterns 2016/10/29

Programming examples from the book. 2016/09/02

Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT), a software development platform providing services for 3D surface and solid modeling 2016/08/17

SOLID - Software Library for Interference Detection 2016/08/12

:books: Fundamental programming with ruby examples and references. It covers threads, SOLID principles, design patterns, data structures, algorithms. Books for reading. Repo for website 2015/09/14

First-principles statistical mechanical software for the study of multi-component crystalline solids 2015/08/17

Solidity, the Contract-Oriented Programming Language 2015/04/02

The Coyote Library evolved from work David Fanning was doing teaching IDL courses and answering IDL questions on the IDL newsgroup. It is meant to be a well-documented library that demonstrates how to write solid (dare we say eloquent) IDL programs that a 2014/03/21

A Full-Newton Finite Element Program for Free and Moving Boundary Problems with Coupled Fluid/Solid Momentum, Energy, Mass, and Chemical Species Transport 2012/01/25

JavaScript Programming Language for Solid Modeling

動画 2019/04/17

You don't have to be an amazing programmer to finish a game! This Unity tutorial will show you how to use the SOLID principles to write code that'll stand the ... 2018/03/27

Newsletter signup (with exclusive discounts): (your email will be kept safe and you will not be spammed). Source Code: ... 2017/11/20

In this video we will discuss 1. SOLID Acronym and Introduction 2. SOLID design principles 3. Why SOLID SOLID Introduction 1. SOLID principles are the design ... 2017/10/26

It is pretty common to hear people talk about "SOLID code" in talks, blogs and podcasts these days. For the object-oriented programming novice who hears this ... 2017/10/16

What is the Liskov Substitution Principle? In this series we talk about the SOLID design principles. Ask Me Anything ... 2017/05/05

Software for Solid 6141 OpenBox (Direct Bin File)- Link - Alphabox Software for New Solid 6303 Link (Direct Bin File)- ... 2017/03/18

Learn the best practices of how to write clean code in JS. This video tutorial is over the S.O.L.I.D. principles of clean code programming: S – Single ... 2017/01/13

In this episode, Robert is joined by Phil Japikse for a chat about design patterns. Software design patterns have been around long before the MVC Framework ... 2016/03/18 2016/03/15 2014/10/01 2011/04/21

To Learn more about SolidWorks, visit us at: SolidWorks 3D CAD solutions enable you and your team to ... 2009/03/13 20 years ago, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. For his next project, he's building a web for open, linked data that could do for ...

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