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リポジトリ 2019/04/22

Example config for deploying from Travis CI to Google Cloud Run 2019/03/20

React Hook for reading from and writing to the user's clipboard. 2018/12/18

⚡️A beautiful Travis CI client. This is 🔥! 2018/11/20

An implementation of Quicksort in JavaScript/TypeScript. 2018/10/31

A React hook compatible with React 16.6's Suspense component. 2018/10/26

React Hook to force your functional component to update. 2018/10/26

React Hook for pub-sub behavior using React Router. 2018/09/29

React, but with built-in global state management. 2018/01/05

Template for developing open-source vue.js libraries with Rollup + Jest + Babel + Storybook + TravisCI + SemanticRelease 2017/10/30

:rocket: Seamless integration between TravisCI and GitHub 2017/05/02 2017/03/06

Extensible Slack Bot used to communicate with TravisCI and GitHub 2016/11/18

An sbt plugin to integrate with Travis CI 2016/07/25

🏃🏻‍♂️ My superfast personal SPA blog/site using Vuejs and Nuxt :D 2015/11/04

Small utility to mirror TravisCI's build matrix on CircleCI. 2015/08/27

Little SVG widget to display AppVeyor, TravisCI, CircleCI or Azure Pipelines build history charts and other SVG badges. 2015/03/03

xcpretty custom formatter for TravisCI 2013/11/05

Foundation 5 Bower Package (NOTE: This is automatically generated from TravisCI, no PR's will be accepted) 2013/10/11

:white_check_mark: JoliCi - Run your TravisCi builds locally 2011/12/19
動画 2019/02/22

In this video, we'll walk through setting up a build pipeline with Travis CI and collecting coverage reports from our unit tests using Coveralls. Be sure to check out ... 2019/02/18

Let's take a look at how to do continuous integration/deployment with Travis CI on GitHub pages on our simple react app. 2018/11/19

Trudno sobie wyobrazić profesjonalną pracę z kodem bez narzędzi continuous integration – CircleCi, TravisCi, Jenkins... możemy wybierać spośród wielu, ale ... 2018/07/25

Register Now to Our Free iOS Career Course! ... 2018/07/04

Improve the scale and maintainability of your Angular application with Continuous Integration powered by Travis and GitHub. Repository: ... 2018/04/15

We look into a Travis CI configuration file in order to test Android projects. Github Repository Please ... 2018/04/11

00:00:00 - Introduction 00:00:38 - GitHub Classroom 00:08:38 - Creating a Branch 00:13:01 - Opening a Pull Request 00:17:19 - Deploying 00:44:36 - Travis CI ... 2016/08/22 This video shows you how to use Travis CI - a continuous integration service - with GitHub hosted open-source projects. The following ... 2016/08/21

SPONSORS ◅ Linode Web Hosting ($20.00 CREDIT) HipsterCode Web Development in 2019 ... 2015/02/16

Continuous Integration (CI) is a critical aspect of building web applications. This talk will discuss the benefits of using CI and show you how to setup CI with a ... 2013/05/29
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