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リポジトリ 2018/12/07

Treasure Data Driver for Python 2017/12/22

An unofficial React Native SDK for Treasure Data. 2016/12/22

Treasure Boxes - pre-built pieces of code for developing, optimizing, and analyzing your data. 2016/05/12 2016/03/16

Pendulum is a tool to manage Treasure Data scheduled jobs. 2015/09/27

High throughput data ingestion logger to Fluentd, AWS S3 and Treasure Data 2015/05/26

Interactive data analysis with Pandas and Treasure Data. 2015/03/17

Embulk output plugin for Treasure Data 2015/01/15

Luigi Workflow Engine integration for Treasure Data 2014/12/26

Treasure Data API library for Python 2014/06/18

JavaScript SDK for Treasure Data 2014/05/19

iOS SDK for Treasure Data 2013/06/12

Android SDK for Treasure Data 2013/01/03

Node.js Client Library for Treasure Data 2012/03/13

JDBC Driver for Treasure Data 2012/03/05

Java Client Library for Treasure Data 2011/11/17

Treasure Data Logging Library for Java 2011/08/21

Treasure Data logging library for Ruby / Rails 2011/08/21

Ruby Client Library for Treasure Data 2011/07/30

This repository is OBSOLETE, check gh/treasure-data/omnibus-td-agent

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Stream Processing and New Approaches: Edge Processing - Eduardo Silva, Arm / Treasure Data What if it was possible to query your data using aggregation ... 2018/05/22

トーク概要 コストを抑えつつ、高いスケーラビリティを提供することは巨大な分散システムの運用をビジネスとして成功させるために不可欠な要... 2018/05/07

Want to view more sessions and keep the conversations going? Join us for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America in Seattle, December 11 - 13, 2018 ... 2018/03/14

This is a hands-on live webinar for Treasure Data customers to learn how to use the new Workflow UI. For more information check out: ... 2017/09/11

Treasure Data, Inc., which provides private Data Management Platforms on the cloud, have been linking Sansan and Marketo to do their work. The prospects ... 2016/12/01

Learn how to leverage new workflow management tools to simplify complex data pipelines and ETL jobs spanning multiple systems. In this technical deep dive ... 2016/11/16

Introducing the world's first Live Data Management platform. 2016/04/07

With Treasure Data, the Wish team can focus on using data to improve their product recommendations instead of boring infrastructure work. Here's what their ... 2015/09/27

To learn more, visit Kiyoto Tamura of Treasure Data presents Open Source Data Collection/Ingestion at the AWS ... 2014/09/11

Hannah Smalltree, Treasure Data, at Tableau Conference 2014 with Jeff Kelly @theCUBE #Data14 TreasureData has a really unique solution in this market: we ...

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