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A fun, easy-to-use tab bar navigation controller for iOS.

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🌔 A curated collection of splendid 180+ gradients made in swift

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✨ Generate code from your design ✨

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Inkline is a modern UI/UX framework designed for creating flawless responsive websites.

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List of tech conferences: JavaScript / Design - CSS - UX / Ruby - iOS - Android - PHP - Data - Devops

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A collection of bookmarks, resources, articles for product designers.

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Roadmap on becoming a UI/UX designer in 2017

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Native Linux App for UI and UX Design built in Vala and Gtk

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First part of 'from design to android' series

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A library used to create beautiful animations and transitions for iOS.

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A user experience framework with higher-level capabilities, designed to bring simplicity and elegance to building cross-device, rich experiences.

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🌟Curated design resources

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☁️ Nextcloud server, a safe home for all your data

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:guitar: A sitemap template for ux design

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UXBOX - The Open-Source prototyping tool

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A list of resources about the UI/UX considerations for VR.

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A UI/UX framework for creating beautiful applications.

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Keep your design team in sync!

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A Ghost theme focused on content based on Medium design/ux.

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:green_book: THE Book on Full-Stack Web Application Development covering User Experience (UX) Design/Tests, HTML5, Responsive + Functional CSS, Functional JavaScript, Mobile/Offline/Security First, Progressive Enhancement, Node.js, Hapi.js, Redux, React (


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How do you get a job in UX Design without a portfolio? Are you new to the UX / Product Design industry and want to land your first professional role? AJ&Smart ...

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How do you use Adobe XD to wireframe? What is a high-fidelity (hi-fi) wireframe? How do you design a webpage wireframe? How do you use layout grid in ...

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What are the key design trends and tech trends for 2019? What design & tech trends are people already talking about, and where might these design & tech ...

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What actually is UX Design? What's a useful definition of it that you can use if you're looking for a UX design job, or if you're just confused by the many ...

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User experience design (UX, UXD) is the process of enhancing user satisfaction with a product by improving the usability, accessibility, and pleasure provided in ...

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UX design tutorial for beginners. Easy to understand UX design tutorial, no jargon.

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Speaker: Jordan Lawrence Are you someone whose day job isn't design, but constantly works with designers? Have you ever wondered "what goes into making ...

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Join Ashley Karr as she designs and prototypes a sketchnoting app! Ashley is an academically trained human factors engineer and anthropologist focusing on ...

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User Experience is more than creating a slick web page. It's about understanding your users and aligning their behaviors, goals and motivations with your ...

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http://uxmastery.com In this video I explain not only what UX Design is, but also why you should learn more about it, regardless of your job.


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