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Vugu: A modern UI library for Go+WebAssembly (experimental)

github.com 2018/12/07

Lucet, the Sandboxing WebAssembly Compiler.

github.com 2018/10/11

🚀 The Universal WebAssembly Runtime supporting WASI and Emscripten

github.com 2018/07/01

Vim editor ported to WebAssembly

github.com 2018/06/07

Go compiler for small places. Microcontrollers, WebAssembly, and command-line tools. Based on LLVM.

github.com 2018/05/18

Pure Go implementation of the WebRTC API

github.com 2018/02/23

The Python scientific stack, compiled to WebAssembly

github.com 2018/01/03

Blazor is a .NET web framework using C#/Razor and HTML that runs in the browser with WebAssembly.

github.com 2017/09/28

Definitely not a TypeScript to WebAssembly compiler 🚀

github.com 2017/05/13

:zap: Walt is a JavaScript-like syntax for WebAssembly text format :zap:

github.com 2017/04/25

😎 Curated list of awesome things regarding WebAssembly (wasm) ecosystem.

github.com 2017/03/12

A standard library for the client-side Web

github.com 2016/10/12

A package to build progressive web apps with Go programming language and WebAssembly.

github.com 2016/01/30

感谢中国开发者 - https://bit.ly/謝謝 | The fastest community-driven web framework for Go. Webassembly, Automatic HTTPS with Public Domain, MVC, Sessions, Caching, Versioning API, Problem API, Websocket, Dependency Injection and more. Fully compatible with the stan

github.com 2015/10/29

Compiler infrastructure and toolchain library for WebAssembly

github.com 2015/04/29

WebAssembly Design Documents

github.com 2014/11/19

Qt binding for Go (Golang) with support for Windows / macOS / Linux / FreeBSD / Android / iOS / Sailfish OS / Raspberry Pi / AsteroidOS / Ubuntu Touch / JavaScript / WebAssembly

github.com 2014/03/24

mal - Make a Lisp

github.com 2013/11/27

Capstone disassembly/disassembler framework: Core (Arm, Arm64, BPF, EVM, M68K, M680X, MOS65xx, Mips, PPC, RISCV, Sparc, SystemZ, TMS320C64x, Web Assembly, X86, X86_64, XCore) + bindings.

github.com 2010/12/19

Lightweight and modular C++11/C++14 graphics middleware for games and data visualization


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Franziska Hinkelmann spoke at CovalenceConf 2019 about how JavaScript stacks up against C++ and WebAssembly, what kind of code is actually fast, and the ...

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WebAssembly elicits hopes about everything from importing new functionalities into browser based applications, to the potential (and in some circles hoped for) ...

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WebAssembly (aka wasm) is a new, standardized compilation target for the web. But since it's so low level it can be difficult to see how it can be used not only in ...

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WebAssembly is a new low-level, high-performance complement to JavaScript on the Web. As an open standard developed by Mozilla, Google, Microsoft, and ...

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For more than 20 years JavaScript has been the only 'native' language of the web. That's all changed with the release of WebAssembly. This talk will look at ...

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This talk will cover how to use the most advanced modern web technologies to build experiences that were never possible on the web before. WebAssembly is ...

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WebAssembly and the future of JavaScript - Colin Eberhardt For more than 20 years JavaScript has been the only 'native' language of the web. That's all ...

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WebAssembly brings a new capability to the web, delivering a performant run-time to allow compiled languages such as C++ to be used in web applications.

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Watch this presentation to learn about the recent updates on the state of WebAssembly and view a short demo of Rust programming language interacting with ...

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What is WebAssembly, why might you want to use it, what's it like programming using it, what kind of difference does it make on a web app? Also see: ...

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