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NLP 相关的一些文档、论文及代码, 包括主题模型(Topic Model)、词向量(Word Embedding)、命名实体识别(Named Entity Recognition)、文本分类(Text Classificatin)、文本生成(Text Generation)、文本相似性(Text Similarity)计算、机器翻译(Machine Translation)等,涉及到各种与nlp相关的算法,基于tensorflow 2.0。

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Machine learning, in numpy

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大规模中文自然语言处理语料 Large Scale Chinese Corpus for NLP

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Kashgari is a Production-ready NLP Transfer learning framework for text-labeling and text-classification, includes Word2Vec, BERT, and GPT2 Language Embedding.

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兜哥出品 <一本开源的NLP入门书籍>

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A fast, efficient universal vector embedding utility package.

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Extract Keywords from sentence or Replace keywords in sentences.

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텐서플로우를 기초부터 응용까지 단계별로 연습할 수 있는 소스 코드를 제공합니다

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Pre-trained word vectors of 30+ languages

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Python codes in Machine Learning, NLP, Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning with Keras and Theano

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A curated list of awesome embedding models tutorials, projects and communities.

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Beautiful visualizations of how language differs among document types.

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This is an implementation of the LexVec word embedding model (similar to word2vec and GloVe) that achieves state of the art results in multiple NLP tasks

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🦆 Contextually-keyed word vectors

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Automatically exported from code.google.com/p/word2vec

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Natural Language Processing for the next decade. Tokenization, Part-of-Speech Tagging, Named Entity Recognition, Syntactic & Semantic Dependency Parsing, Document Classification

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Simple web service providing a word embedding model

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Python interface to Google word2vec

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This tool provides an efficient implementation of the continuous bag-of-words and skip-gram architectures for computing vector representations of words. These representations can be subsequently used in many natural language processing applications and fo

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Topic Modelling for Humans


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In this new playlist, I explain word embeddings and the machine learning model word2vec with an eye towards creating JavaScript examples with ml5.js.

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Word2Vec - here's a short video giving you some intuition and insight into word2vec and word embedding. Summary of word2vec and word embedding.

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Word2Vec #SkipGram #CBOW #DeepLearning Word2Vec is a very popular algorithm for generating word embeddings. It preserves word relationships and is ...

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explain what is word encoding, embedding and how word2vec provide vector representation with similarity. code is available at ...

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Lecture 2 continues the discussion on the concept of representing words as numeric vectors and popular approaches to designing word vectors. Key phrases: ...

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This video explains word2vec concepts and also helps implement it in gensim library of python. Word2vec extracts features from text and assigns vector ...

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In this video, we'll use a Game of Thrones dataset to create word vectors. Then we'll map these word vectors out on a graph and use them to tell us related ...

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This video is part of the Udacity course "Deep Learning". Watch the full course at https://www.udacity.com/course/ud730.

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This video is part of the Udacity course "Deep Learning". Watch the full course at https://www.udacity.com/course/ud730.


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